The hollow candle acts as a kind of chimney. The end of the candle with the cotton visible is lit and the tapered end gently inserted into the ear.
While the ear candle burns, the heat from the flame causes a mild suction or vacuum.
Vapour circulates the ear helping to draw out excess wax and debris which is then deposited at the base of the ear candle or drawn into the flame and burnt.
Each candle burns for 15-20 minutes.


When the condition is acute – everyday for a maximum of 7 days
When the condition is cronic – once a week. A course of 4-5 candlings may be necessary
For maintenance – once a month


Small children will not always tolerate or understand a burning candle in their ear.
I have found that a way to perform the ear candling, is when the child has fallen into a deep sleep at night.
Make sure their arms are tucked in tight to prevent sudden movement.
It may not be possible to candle both ears. The other ear can be candled the following evening.
I have successfully candled both my children’s ears this way, since they were babies. 


Ear candles have been used for a long list of conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat.

Some are:
- Excess ear wax
- Itchy ear

Ear candling is also commonly done before flying.
Many surfers, divers and swimmers use ear candles.
Ear candles are also great when used for relaxation.

If you want to know more about the uses for Birte’s Ear Candles please contact Birte

If symptoms persist, please see your Health Practitioner.
Ear candles are NOT recommended for the following:
- Perforated Eardrum
- After recent Ear Surgery
- Cysts in the Ear
- Ear Drains
- Acquired Hearing Loss
- Congenital Hearing Loss
- Osteosclerosis of the Ear
- Tumour of the Ear

Following the guidelines of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Birte’s Ear Candles make no medical claims to the use of ear candles.


Always have a partner hold the ear candle whilst candling your ears.
Some people have reportedly fallen asleep or become very relaxed during ear candling.

1. You will need one pair of Birte’s Ear Candles, matches, a small towel, a glass of water and a friend.
2. Lie down in a comfortable position on your side. Ensure that there is no draught – close windows, doors etc.
3. Cover the area around the ear with the small towel.
4. Light the ear candle and gently insert the tapered end, using a gentle twisting action.
5. Rest hand lightly on the side of the head, supporting the ear candle in a vertical position.
6. As the candle burns, a vacuum is created, drawing out debris and relieving pressure.
7. Allow the candle to burn no further than the Green Line.
8. Crackling & hissing sounds may be heard. The flame may become high and send of black smoke from the top, this indicates
... debris being drawn into the candle. If grey smoke appears from between the candle & the ear, reposition the candle.
9. Remove the ear candle and extinguish in water.
10. Repeat for other ear.
11. Place a small ball of cottonwool in the ears after ear candling, to retain the warmth generated by the candle.

Optional step:
Sharon George ND recommends a drop of garlic oil (capsule included) in the ear prior to candling to help soften hard wax.

Following the guidelines of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Birte’s Ear Candles make no medical claims to the use of ear candles.

Those participating must assume full responsibility and not hold the manufacturer or seller in any way liable.