By Birte

About Birte’s Ear Candles:

Ear candles have been used by ancient cultures for centuries to help relieve conditions effecting the Ears, Nose and Throat.

Ear candling is a simple non-intrusive do-it-yourself remedy.                            Simply follow the instructions step by step.

Birte’s Ear Candles are handmade in Australia from 100% natural beeswax and pure cotton. The colour of the ear candles may vary slightly depending on the season and the trees & bushes in flower.

Children respond very well to ear candling.

Birte’s Ear Candles are sold in pairs and include 1 garlic oil capsule.
Price per pair $12 - Buy 11 & get 1 pair FREE ($132)

FREE postage on ALL orders.

Birte has produced high quality ear candles since 1995.

Birte’s Ear Candles are registered on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, ARTG#137896